Should the roles in the classroom be reversed?

In his 180-page book Role Reversal (to be released on February 15 this year), Mark Barnes introduces a framework that he calls the “Results Only Learning Environment” (ROLE). In the sample that he has published, which includes the introduction, chapter 1, the references and the “About the Author” account, Barnes promises “Change that Changes Everything” (p. 5). This change is, in several respects, quite radical, as compared to the general state of affairs in classrooms. On the other hand, the core idea of the Results Only Learning Environment seems to fit quite well with Norwegian regulations, which require that the competence that the students end up with toward the end of the year be weighted.

In the introduction, Barnes gives a brief account of how the challenges he faced during his first 16 years as a teacher eventually forced him to make a radical change, and how he arrived at his ROLE model. When I get a copy, I will go more into detail. Anyway, this looks worth peeking into.

Meanwhile, you might want to have a look at his classroom website.


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  1. Posted by Georg Blichfeldt on February 4, 2013 at 12:33 pm

    Gratulerer med bloggen! Godt å se at det finnes en lærer som grubler intenst på pedagogiske spørsmål og hvor trykket stammer fra opplevelsene i klasserommet.


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