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And the point of having my students blog would be – ?

As mentioned in a previous post, there is help available for anyone who wants to start using blogging and other kinds of web applications in classroom activities. Before you start blogging with your students, I recommend reading these great tips about what should be considered. In order to succeed, we need to prop ourselves up properly.

I have not yet touched upon the WHYs of using blogging in teaching, though. Will blogging significantly enhance our students’ learning, and are there other benefits that can be harvested? If so, what positive outcomes can be expected? And if not, one is justified to ask, What’s the point, really?

As I get more experience in using blogging in the classroom, I will probably come back with some more comments on this. In the meantime, I would like to recommend this post by a teacher who knows the score: “5 Rewards of Teaching Young Students to Blog.” If you are interested in learning from teachers who have developed a clear methodology in this line of business, reading this post is probably going to be worthwhile.