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Digital tools for creative reading

Last Monday and Tuesday (February 11, 12), I attended the “Ny Giv” conference in Oslo. “Ny Giv” is a program initiated by the Norwegian Department of Education, aimed at helping Norwegian students who are in the risk zone of dropping out, strengthen their basic reading, writing, and maths skills to enable them to┬ácomplete upper secondary education. In the first stage of the program, two teachers from each lower secondary and upper secondary school across Norway attend a five-day course (3 + 2 days) where they go through a series of methods that form a comprehensive methodology aimed at helping these students. However, the majority of these lesson plans or procedures would probably work well with most students and can be used with whole classes.

In one of the sessions that I attended on Tuesday, Arne Olav Nygard, from the Reading Centre at the University of Stavanger, explicitly focused on the use of digital tools, thus establishing the link between “Ny Giv” and such tools, which I think is great. In his presentation, Nygard walked us through three free and easy-to-use animation and/or film editing applications that can be used to give students a different perspective on and approach to reading: GoAnimate, Movie Maker and Creaza.

Nygard has now posted six videos that cover the topics of his presentation–one introduction video, two videos on real classroom examples, and three instruction videos. These films are in Norwegian.