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How to Get Started – Help Available!

Involving digital literacy in teaching obviously requires both a meaningful didactical methodology and getting to grips with the technicalities. Both the whys and the hows must be addressed before setting off in the classroom. It is nice to be aware, then, that a rich array of help is available online. In this post, I will restrain myself to mentioning only two sources that I have found particularly helpful so far.

The first one focuses on how to master the technicalities of web tools. If you would like an introduction to how to get started with practically any web tool that might stand any chance of being useful in the classrom, Mark Barnes’ site “Learn It in 5” is the perfect place to start. I discovered that the best way to use it if you know what you are looking for is to type a query in the search field. Are you curious about what VoiceThread can be used for and how to get started? Simply do the search and the videos turn up.

The second one is a world-famous blog by the Norwegian school leader and teacher Ann S. Michaelsen. This is the blog that convinced me that jumping onto the field of Web 2.0 with both feet in terms of my classroom practice is both possible and worthwhile. Visit her blog and be inspired and enlightened! I want to recommend three specific posts to have a look at for starters: “Using blogging and Twitter to connect!”“Connected educator!”, and “Teaching the art of discussing” (the latter one as an example of a ready-to-use classroom activity). However, there is so much more good stuff on that blog, and, again, using the search function is practical. I warmly recommend following her blog!